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Contract Lift Terms


Shires Crane Hire will provide an Appointed Person to plan the lifting operations. The Appointed Person will carry out a site inspection and select the appropriate crane which is required to carry out the lift. RAMS will be provided to cover all the lifting operations being carried out, along with hired-in plant insurance.


In Summary we will provide:-


  • An Appointed Person

  • A Slinger/Signaller

  • RAMS

  • Hired-In Plant Insurance


Contract lifting offers peace of mind to the customer as most of the responsibility is taken away from them. The customer still has a responsibility to ensure that the ground conditions are adequate for the crane travelling and rigging up on their site. The customer must provide accurate information about the weight and size of the load to be lifted and suitable lifting lugs etc.



Basic Hire Terms


Under basic hire terms the crane and operator will work to the customer’s instructions. The customer is responsible for planning the lift, selecting a suitable crane, specifying the slinging and signalling arrangements, supervising the lift and full responsibility for all lifting operations being undertaken.



Hired-In Plant Insurance


When hiring cranes under basic hire terms the customer has a responsibility to provide hired-in plant insurance cover, which is to cover the value of the machine been used. Please contact us to discuss what insurance cover we require.


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